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July 9, 2008
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Godzilla Vs. Gorgo Promo by KillustrationStudios Godzilla Vs. Gorgo Promo by KillustrationStudios
Black and White Ink promo piece for my Godzilla Vs. Gorgo Poster.

I have prints available, 11x17 for $5.00 plus shipping. Same as at G-Fest.
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Ha ha... Cool poster... but wasn't in Gorgo's mom that raised all the hell? :D
Josh-Finney Aug 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
This is pretty damn awesome!
Ask Carpenter again, please. Tell him we would love to see this monster match and his fans would love to see some of his amateur efforts...Would be so nice for all to see this example of growth from primitive work to professional accomplishment! Shows life's possibilties! Share, John!!!
Only problem I see is that Gorgo's tail looks too small...but it's been forever since I've seen the movie. It could be exactly right for all I know.

I think Godzilla is more likely to mate with her as she is female.
Gorgozilla would be the result of that.
catgutzy Sep 8, 2011  Professional Artist
But didn't Gorgo turn out to be just a lost child?
I know tghe Big G is more popular in current culture, but Mother Gorgo is simply too big for Godzilla. Before they even see her, the professors describe her as being "200' tall the very least" -no upper limit is mentioned! Her height does vary from scene to scene, but she goes from colossal to absolutely gargantuan!
She rivals Big Ben in height, which is 316 feet. In the final scenes, she places her foot in the circus ring and the baby is literally up to her ankle, making her at least 500' tall. The baby then (temporarily) seems somwhat larger in the sideview as they walk back to the sea, and then he is up to her ankle yet again in the final shot of both creatures from the rear. This brief size discrepancy during the sideview is probably due to the limited special effects possible in the 60's. But clearly, the director's intention is that the baby is up to the mother's ankle. Also, if Godzilla has grown since the 60's, imagine how tall Mama Gorgo must be by now! Reptiles never cease growing!
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